Who Makes Sydney's Best Gnocchi? We Do - And We'll Show You How. | The Italian Bar Pizza

Who Makes Sydney’s Best Gnocchi? We Do – And We’ll Show You How.

Here at The Italian we take the business of gnocchi very seriously.

Our recipe is the combination of lots of research, and the testing of over forty different methods and recipes. We have consulted the cook books of the famous Michelin starred Giorgio Locatelli and tested the recipe of our own Chef Ivano’s Nonna also.

We left no potato unbaked, no flour untrialled, in our quest for housemade hand crafted gnocchi perfection. We wanted to elevate this simple potato dumpling to something you, our beautiful customer will lie awake at night dreaming about and craving.

Watch now as Ivano shares his gnocchi secrets to show you how to make our perfectly plump and deliciously light Italian potato gnocchi from scratch. After you’ve watched, we hope you are inspired to make your own gnocchi, or even come down to The Italian Bar Pizza and try Sydneys Best Gnocchi for yourself. You won’t be disappointed!