Godfather Pizza Sundays | The Italian Bar Pizza

Godfather Pizza Sundays

The Godfather will be expecting you for Sunday lunch at The Italian.


Every Sunday lunch at The Italian we’ll be serving up 1m long pizzas, with any three pizzas varieties of your choice. Gather your friends and famiglia around our table and feast on woodfired pizza fit for a king.. or should we say The Don.


One Godfather pizza takes a kilo of dough to create and is the equivalent to four of our regular sized pizzas so at $60 a pop you’d be pazzo not to take advantage!


Making The Godfather is no small feat! We cold ferment the dough for three days using a natural madre starter (not commercial yeast), roast our toppings in house and stretch & bake the one kilo base for a full 10 minutes in the woodfired oven. Well worth all the love that goes into it though.



What’s more, we are the first and only pizzeria in Sydney (if not the planet)  to serve up a vegan Godfather pizza. Here are the varieties you get on this stupendous slab of heaven:


1/3 Vittorio’s Secret –  roasted zucchini, capsicum, artichoke, basil & notzarella on a tomato base


1/3 Vegana Papa Smurf – trio of forest mushrooms, thyme, truffle oil & notzarella on a virgin olive oil base


1/3 Cicciolina – roasted eggplant, rosemary roast potatoes, caramelised onion, olives & yes, even more notzarella – on a tomato base



Bookings are strongly encouraged so book for you and your hungry hordes now to avoid missing out. Available from 12 – 2.30pm every Sunday.