Announcing our reopening! | The Italian Bar Pizza

Announcing our reopening!

Ciao Italian Family,


From today (22nd May), we can accommodate up to ten people on our terrace. Yay!


For everyone’s health, we have changed our operations and we would like to share these important changes with you here.


For dine-in guests

1. No more physical menus.

Our menus are now digital, viewable on your phone. Scanning the QR code on your table with your cameraphone will navigate you right there! See how easy it is by scanning the QR code below.


2. Now you can order directly from your phone at the table.

Never wait for a ‘waiter’ again!


3. Payments are completed on your phone as soon as you order.

We are now 100% cashless, so there is no need to pull out your card to tap or swipe. Set up an account and store your cc details so you can order and pay in moments next time.


4. We are now a bookings-free venue.

Diners are seated as they arrive.


5. Our menu is simpler and with reduced wine prices.

Including our BYO costs. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


6. We will be serving to dine in tables our food in takeaway containers.

Just for the next few weeks to maintain maximum hygiene.


For pick-up and delivery

1. Delivery will need to be pre-paid.


2. Phone orders to be paid via cc in advance.


3. From next month we will be moving all phone orders online.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to the new changes is that when you order from your phone and set up an account, you can take advantage of our loyalty program, which entitles you to a free pizza on your 5th order.


We understand change can be difficult and we will be here to assist you with the new way of doing things – just ask us!


We hope to see you at The Italian soon,


Rafael & the team at The Italian Bar Pizza