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Vegetarian Pizzas to tantalise your tastebuds

It’s that time of year again. A time where you find yourself so busy preparing for the busy season, with barely any have time to cook. This can often result in resorting to unhealthy meal choices or ordering pizza from fast food joints you’ll later find yourself regretting. So how does one whip up a healthy, nourishing meal full of veggies that can be thrown together with ease? The answer is not always a simple one, but in the case of fast, filling meals that promote good health and a gut that loves you back is a vegetarian pizza.



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There’s something unique about the combination of fresh vegetables, healthy oils, tomato sauce all on a crispy base that’s oozing with delicious smelling mozzarella cheese. Whilst meat can have its benefits, vegetarian pizzas have become a popular go-to for families and individuals, looking for a lean, nourishing meal that won’t be too heavy on the gut.


vegetarian pizza


If you’re a new vegetarian, this is also an easy and familiar starting point for integrating more veggies into your diet, with infinitely variate toppings bursting with flavour that make you question why you ever ate meat in the first place.


And that’s where we come in – delicious, family friendly vegetarian pizzas to ensure you’re getting an explosion of flavour with every bite, with less guilt factor.



Stoneground or Charcoal dough bases


Choosing from a Stoneground original dough or a Black charcoal dough base, our vegetarian pizza options begin from simplistic favourites, such as the classic Margherita with fresh basil and melted fior di latte for a small price of $20. Made up of mushroom and four different cheeses, our Funghi Formaggi pizza will satisfy your tastebuds, with toppings that go hand in hand for an easy $23.



Vegetarian and Vegan pizzas


If you’re looking to get your fill of veggies, you can’t go past our hearty Melanzana pizza, packed to the brim with eggplant, olives, basil pesto, ricotta and mozzarella to give you that authentic Italian feel for just $24. And if you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or just not a fan of cheese altogether, our Vegana pizza is the answer to your prayers. Covered head to toe in mushroom, zucchini, capsicum, olives, notzarella and nutritional yeast, you can still enjoy the flavours of cheese you would find on a non-vegan pizza for $24.


Another carefully crafted vegan option to please the fussiest of vegetarians and vegans alike is the Porcini Patate pizza. Packed with all the good stuff including porcini mushroom, potato, rosemary, garlic, notzarella and nutritional yeast all on a tomato base, for $24 you certainly can’t go wrong.


vegetarian pizza


If you’re not feeling cheese on any of the above, all of our pizzas can be made with vegan cheese for no extra charge. And if you thought your new vegetarian lifestyle strictly limited you to eating pizza, think again. In addition to our range of delectable, whole-hearted and nourishing vegetarian pizza options, we’ve also got a range of starters, pastas and shared banquets that will fill your appetite and encourage you to eat more veg.



Vegetarian Starters


Our simplistic and gourmet starters will tie you over until the main meal, from with our $3 Ivano’s Sourdough Bread w/ Olive Oil, $9.5 Tomato & Basil Bruschetta and $8 Marinated Olives that will give you a real taste of Italy. And if you feeling like exploring outside the box, why not try one of our popular starter favourites, like our $13 Zucchini Fries? Covered in lightly crumbed batter with a soft, melt-in-your-mouth centre, it’s no question why these fries are what The Italian Bar Pizza is renowned for (apart from our pizzas, of course). With our $10 Garlic Pizza and $13.5 Mushroom Arancini, filling up on sides is definitely plausible if hearty pizzas aren’t your thing.



Vegetarian Pastas


But in any case you’re feeling something a little heavier, why not try our Buffalo Ricotta & Saffron Ravioli? The decadent combination of pumpkin, mascarpone sage and almond for $25 is a definite tastebud tantaliser. Our Rigatoni Norma is another crowd pleaser, a cylindrical style pasta accompanied by eggplant, ricotta, tomato and basil for just $24.


As evidence shows, you don’t have to be a meat-lover to enjoy an authentic Italian dish, with our flavoursome range of dishes that are sure to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters!