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Combining your diet with a love of vegan pizza

Nothing compares to the aromatic scent that fills the air when your pizza is removed from the oven, overwhelming you with heavenly odours of tomato, basil, mushroom, potato and not to mention the smell of crisp, baked dough doused in fresh, tomato sauce. And when the waitress walks over to your table to place the pizza in front of you, there’s a moment where you feel a wash of relief, knowing the wait for your vegan pizza is finally over.


Taking a moment to connect the intoxicating smells with the decadent dish before your eyes, you can’t help but feel a little happy for opting for a vegan pizza, something which you may not have been 100% sure about before ordering. This is an experience that is all too familiar with new and old vegans alike, as the quality of a vegan pizza has a knack for changing dramatically, depending on the pizzeria you choose to dine at. We take quality into consideration at The Italian Bar Pizza, ensuring you have the best possible dining (or take away) experience when you choose us to attend to your dietary needs.



Vegan pizzas at The Italian


Whether your eating out or just relaxing at home, The Italian has whipped up two vegan pizza recipes to suit your plant based lifestyle, with the option of gluten free, nourishing pizza bases to ensure optimal digestion. With a selection of two, delectable plant-based pizzas including our much loved  Porcini Patate (porcini mushroom, potato, rosemary, garlic, notzarella and nutritional yeast on a tomato base) or the famous Vegana (mushroom, zucchini, capsicum, olives, notzarella and nutritional yeast), we’re on a mission to satisfy your senses, fill your appetite and keep you coming back for more.



vegan pizza



Notzarella: our vegan cheese option


We understand the importance of a plant-based diet, which is why we’ve introduced a system that allows you to swap regular cheese on any pizza with our tasty, vegan cheese alternative, Notzarella. If you’re new to eating vegan cheese, or just avoid it all together, let us give you a bit of a run down on this surprisingly satisfying option.


Specifically designed to replace mozzarella cheese in pizza, Notzarella is a fresh alternative that looks, feels and shreds all the same as mozzarella, with a taste that’s pretty much identical. Being classified as a ‘breakthrough cheese’ from vegans, lactose intolerant and health fanatics everywhere, this Aussie made substitute is revolutionising vegan cheese and so far, its proven itself to be a clear stand out cheese alternative. And that’s why we’ve offered to make any one of our pizza’s with vegan cheese, free of charge. Because it’s just so damn tasty.



vegan pizza



Carefully created in a kitchen free from animal-product with ingredients majorly organic, the Notzarella kitchen is home to non-gmo soybeans and organic refined coconut oil; something all us health conscious people can appreciate.


So what exactly is the cheese made up of, you ask? 10 simple, nourishing ingredients that nod to a plant-based diet and an era of that avoids consumption of animal bi-products. The ingredients include: water, organic (non-GMO) soybean, refined coconut oil, Agar agar, Guar Gum, salt, critic acid, Xanthan gum, Safflower Yellow and titanium white.



Cheese substitutes


And if Notzarella hasn’t swayed your approval towards vegan cheese, than allow us to give you a bit of a run down. Whether it’s substituting cheese on a pizza, adding a little something extra to your sandwich or downing a couple of cheese cubes at a party, the craving for a savoury and creamy combination is undeniable.


And One Green Planet has proved that whipping up a log of vegan cheese is an achievable task that you can complete in the comfort of your own home. With 25 vegan cheese recipes, you’ll be blown away by how easily these recipes can trick you into believing you’re eating dairy. From raw, vegan cheeses to roasted masterpieces (with little prep time), these cheeses are crafted from the likes of nuts, zucchini, tofu, chic peas and other alternatives.


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Try out Vegana vegan pizza recipe


Speaking of the comfort of your own home, you can now freely re-create one of our famous Vegana pizzas for yourself, with The Italian Bar Pizzas Vegana pizza recipe. That’s right, this pizza has been such a popular dish amongst vegans and plant eaters everywhere, that we’ve decided to put you all out of your misery and share our secret to success with anyone who dares to try it.


Thanks to Renae Smith, who shared our recipe on her website after making the Vegana herself and being blow away by the results.



Creates Four Delicious Pizzas:




Pizza base


500 ml of filtered water at room temperature


1100g plain flour


50g salt


10ml honey or agave (if vegan)


8g fresh yeast or 12g dry yeast




400g tomato paste


320g notzarella soy cheese


320g button mushrooms


320g of red roasted capsicum


240g sliced zucchini


120g sliced olives


vegan pizza recipe




Turn oven up to 200c


Add 60ml warm water, the yeast and honey to a mixing bowl. The yeast will activate and start to bubble


Add the remaining water and salt to the yeast mixture


Add half of the wet mixture and the flour to a separate bowl and stir until you get a dough like consistency


Let the dough rest for one hour then keep it in the fridge for 24 hours


After 24 hours take the dough out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature


From the dough form four evenly sized dough balls


Use a rolling pin to roll out each ball into a small round circle …


Top each pizza base with 100g tomato paste followed by 80g of notzarella soy cheese, 80g of button mushrooms, 80g of red roasted capsicum, 60g of sliced zucchini and 30g of sliced olives


Repeat rolling out and topping the remaining bases


Cook in oven for 30 minutes or until the crust is golden


Remove from the oven and garnish with a generous pinch of nutritional yeast





And wallah! You have yourself an irresistible vegan pizza and a flavoursome meal the whole family will love. So if you’re looking to expand your vegan meal options and experiment with some home made dough, our Vegana pizza recipe is the answer to your prayers. Or if you’re new to veganism or are just generally not much of a cook, The Italian is one of the few restaurants on the North Shore that offer vegan pizzas for home delivery, as well as an warm and friendly exceptional dining experience.


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