Sydney's best cheap eats on the North Shore? Meet The Italian Bar Pizza
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We’re now one of Sydney’s Best Cheap Eats Restaurants!

Need a lunchtime pizza fix that’s easy on the wallet? Yes, the rumours are true – The Italian Bar Pizza is serious about becoming one of Sydney’s best cheap eats places for lunch.

You, dear guest, have spoken and we have listened. You told us you love our wood fired pizza and authentic pasta, so much in fact that Broadsheet voted us one of the best pizzas in Sydney!



When you’ve got a whole family to feed, eating out can often leave your wallet empty and your gut feeling guilty. So we’ve whipped up some awesome weeknight dinner deals that won’t intimidate your bank account, and will leave you and your loved ones feeling stuffed and satisfied.


Contributing to our title as one of the best cheap eats places on the North Shore, we know Mondays and Tuesdays are generally the most intense days of the week, so we’ve decided to dull the pain a little.



$10 Margherita pizza Mondays


Because we can’t cancel Mondays, we’ve decided to embrace them. And what better way to do so than with our $10 Margherita pizza Mondays? That’s right, you can order as many Margherita pizzas as you please, for $10 a pop.


Weekends can be crazy and sometimes it takes a few days to catch up with chores, so we’re providing you with an quick, delicious and cheap alternative to feeding your loved ones- whether you’re eating out or staying in. With the options of a gluten-free or charcoal base, we’ve nailed everything from decadent toppings oozing with flavour, to a hearty and nutritious meal.


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$13 Pappardelle Ragu Tuesdays


Not quite the start of the week but also not hump day, Tuesdays can often feel like a second Monday. There to remind us that the weekend is still miles away, one can’t help but despise Tuesdays for their lack of character and vibe that they’re just an extension of the most daunting day of the week.


To aid the passing of Tuesday and maybe even give it a little sparkle, we’re offering Pappardelle Ragu for just $13 on Tuesdays, because we know depleting Monday & Tuesday can be on the energy levels. With white, flat noodles and tender, melt in your mouth beef, our Ragu is popping with flavour and for under $15, it’s a real steal.


best cheap eats restaurant sydney


And you showed the love with your feet, because we have been flat out busy on Mondays and Tuesdays ever since.


But what about lunches?

We want to satisfy as many happy pizza-munching, pasta-twirling, wine-slurping guests for lunch, as we do at night. And that just wasn’t happening so we decided to do some good old fashioned market research.


Yes, dear reader. We created a questionnaire and emailed it out to a whole bunch of our most regular local customers. Now some of our locals have been living in the Willoughby area, or somewhere close by on Sydney’s North Shore for years, and in many cases for generations.


Lots of these customers have been ordering pizza for home delivery from us for years. Many of these customers have been dining with us since our opening night in July 2012. One lovely guest has had three children since we opened and has still managed to dine with us almost every other week.


Suffice to say these regulars whom we politely and thoroughly interrogated are for the most part ‘market mavens’. Which is to say they know the North Shore area and what makes the community tick. They also know exactly what they want, heck they know all about their next door neighbours and what their neighbours are into also! These lovely guests are, well, qualified to inform us exactly what was going to bring the North Shore customers in.





So we asked them;

  • We see you at dinner, why don’t you dine with us at lunch?
  • What should we do to get the whole world to eat pizza for lunch at The Italian?
  • We want to open Saturdays for lunch, how can we tempt you to dine with us?


What did our customers have to say?


Well out of almost seven hundred surveys about a quarter were completed and returned. Here are some of the responses.


“I love your weeknight dinner deals, can’t you do something about your lunch time prices?”


“We love coming to visit you for dinner but we want to go somewhere cheap and cheerful at lunch”


“I like to go to the popular lunch places that have a buzz and some atmosphere”


“Hubby and the kids love sandwiches for lunch, if you had sandwiches on the menu we would be more likely to visit”


“I take the kids to sport on Saturday morning and they are always starving afterward so if you were open for Saturday lunch I’d bring the whole family in”


“It’s all about the prices. If you want to be busier for lunch keep it easy- you have to make yourself one of those cheap eats places everyone in Sydney is lining up to get into.


“Give us the best deals on your pasta and pizza at lunch and we’ll come in every week, promise”




So dear reader, can you hear a common theme here? We certainly could. The message we got loud and clear was, we needed to do some serious wheeling and dealing when it came to lunch time. We needed to establish ourselves as having not only the tastiest, most reputable pizza and pasta this town has on offer, with generous portions (and lots of Italian love of course), we also needed to establish ourselves as one of the premier cheap eats places in Sydney. The Italian Bar Pizza had to be the place to cut the best deals, to have the best value for money, and to make sure our customers can have a great lunch without getting stung in the wallet.


We also discovered that we should open for lunch on Saturdays. Imagine all those hungry kids and teenagers running around all Saturday morning playing school sport, and ready for a big post exercise carb loading session only to remember that their favourite pizza and pasta joint is closed for Saturday lunch!


We can only imagine all of those hungry families waiting for a meat pie at the bakery or a hot chicken roll with chips and gravy up at Charcoal Charlies, when all they wanted was a delicious, cheesy, piping hot pizza from the wood fired oven! Or a big steaming bowl of spaghetti meatballs!


Did you know it’s scientifically proven that the best recovery food after school sport is pizza and a glass of wine? More specifically – pizza for the kids, and a glass of wine (or icy cold beer) for Mum and Dad who darn well deserve a beverage after spending all morning acting like an unpaid Uber driver, shuttling between footy, ballet classes, tutoring, not to mention standing on the sidelines in miserable weather cheering your heart out. Yes, you need -and deserve- a glass of wine to recover from all of that!




But I digress. Back to our wonderful customer questionnaire with its revelations about how to make our place THE place to be for lunch.


We even added two PANINI (thats Italian for sandwich by the way) to the menu, both made on our home baked bread. They’re stuffed full of Italian goodness and priced so they fall into the cheap eats genre.


Now off you go & book for a cheap and cheerful weekend lunch.