Reminiscing on 2017's highlights at The Italian Bar Pizza...
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Reminiscing on 2017’s highlights at The Italian Bar Pizza…

From our big, hearty shared feasts to cheeky $10 Margherita pizzas, it’s fair to say we’ve eaten our way through 2017 here at The Italian Bar Pizza. 2017 marked a year of change, a year of revolutionising our pizza and giving the restaurant a fresh new look. We’re feeling pretty accomplished, so have decided to look back on some of our most celebrated past times of 2017.



Switching to locally sourced flour


We revolutionised our pizzas, making the change to organic, sustainable, stoneground Australian wheat in our pizza bases instead of importing flour from Italy, like so many other Italian pizzerias. By switching to the ancient stoneground technique (a portion of which is done on site), our flour is full of nutrition and flavour, adding a nutty taste the pizza base. Our dough is also fermented on site, pre-digesting gluten and starch, overall making the pizza lighter and easy to digest!






Out with the old, and in with the new


In the spirit of introducing new etho’s, our venue also got a make-over! From a layout to new tables, we also introduced high banquette seating which has been quite accomodating for a few cheeky Tiramisu Martinis and an after work charcuterie board.




Renewed focus on wine


We introduced a renewed focus with our selection of wines, expanding to a list mainly comprised of organic and biodynamic wines. Because half the experience of catching up with friends over a pizza is about washing it down with a delicious vino or two after!




Piggs Peake and Porchetta dinner


We held a Piggs Peake wine and Porchetta dinner back in August, featuring a mouth-watering porky four course feast! Comprised of a 6 hour slow roasted woodfired pig with Piggs Peake winemaker Steve Langham on site, it’s fair to say everyone ‘pigged’ out a little.


Piggs Peake and Porchetta Dinner



The launch of Margherita Mondays


Monday’s took a turn for the better in 2017, as we introduced $10 Margherita Mondays! Relieving the stress of Mondays and bringing families together, Mondays suddenly became an extremely popular night at The Italian as Margheritas became a stand-out favourite.




Our head chef got a new family member…


Our pizzas wouldn’t be the same without an authentic, Italian chef from the south of Italy to make them! Each day Ivano comes into the restaurant beaming positive energy and enthusiasm, and it’s easy to tell he’s a man who loves his work. In addition to loving what he does, Ivano is also a family man and earlier this year he was blessed with the birth of a gorgeous baby girl!





Our favourite customer memories


We’d just like to thank our loyal customers for bringing the love, continuously coming back to experience a little slice of authentic Italian culture. Here’s some of our favourite customer memories from 2017..


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