7 reasons why we have the best Woodfired pizzas in Sydney

7 reasons why we have the best Woodfired pizzas in Sydney

Driven by business and a thirst for success, Sydney is a city swarming with energy that is renowned for it’s enormity and fast pace. Often over-crowded and frustratingly heavy with traffic, time is of the essence in this beautiful yet very busy city and this is the reason that maintaining a strict health regime can often take a back seat. This is generally when poor decisions take over, seeping into our diets and lifestyles like a toxic odour and all too often resulting in quick and easy solutions to fuelling our bodies, such as pizza.



The artisan process behind our woodfired pizzas…



Quick fixes such as pizza and other fast “food” choices can seem like a smart idea at the time, however they mostly leave you feeling bloated, sluggish and lacking energy while slamming you with high amounts of sugars, carbs and kilojoules. And when you’re swamped with work, having kids to care for and an abundance of housework waiting at home, not having the best eating habits can turn into a formidable reality, with exercise no longer an option.



Nutritious woodfired pizzas


Life happens and often takes you by surprise, and here at The Italian Bar Pizza, we know what it’s like looking after a large, hungry family. Being Italian, it’s what we do best and so we’ve whipped up some of the healthiest pizza around to cater for the busy family, over-worked city slicker or the health conscious individual.  Nutritious and made with love, our very affordable wood fired pizzas are a triple threat when it comes to Italian food, and we’ve got 7 reasons why our woodfired pizzas are just so damn good.





7 reasons why our woodfired pizzas are the best


1. Locally sourced flour


Originally importing our flour from Italy like so many other pizzerias around, we recently kicked this mechanism to the curb and started sourcing locally produced flour. Ensuring optimum freshness, locally produced flour differs in taste, offering a nutty element with each bite.




2.  Organic, stoneground


Unlike many other pizzeria’s around Sydney, our flour is organic and stoneground, quite literally meaning it’s ground between two stones. A technique used for thousands of years, stoneground flour is full of nutrition and flavour, giving our pizza bases a nutty taste. Although harder to work with, it means we go that extra mile to put more love into the pizza making process.


3. Fermented dough


Starting with the mother which we raise ourselves, we ferment the dough for three days, where gluten and starch are pre-digested. This creates a much lighter, easy to digest pizza base, ensuring you won’t be hit with that bloated, heavy feeling which is all too often experienced after smashing a few slices of pizza.



4. Everything is done on site


We do everything ourselves at The Italian Bar Pizza, from the warm, cozy vibe of our Willoughby restaurant. From stone milling a portion of our flour on site to hand stretching the dough, the amount of love and energy we put into the process of making each pizza is extensive, with our head chef making around 200 pizzas on our busiest nights.


5. Chemical and gluten free


Our pizzas bases are chemical and gluten free, ensuring optimum nutrition. With the option of selecting between a charcoal base or one that’s gluten free, our bases are rich with health properties, aid digestion and are high in fibre.


6. We cater for your dietary needs


In addition to having a gluten free option, we’ve also got three vegan pizzas, a variety of vegetarian pizzas and the option of adding or replacing any pizza that has regular cheese with vegan cheese.




7. Affordable


Generally, something that is both rich in nutrition and gluten-free requires more time and effort. And when something takes more time to create, it’s often for a ridiculous price you’ll try and justify, or will leave behind as you settle for something for cheaper and of poorer quality. The Italian Bar Pizza crafts light, fluffy and gourmet pizzas at an affordable price, all within a speedy turnaround.



Wine that loves you back


From nutrition and love, we’ve hit the ground running with an affordable and dynamic pizza menu that caters to all your dietary needs. From vegans to vegetarians, fussy eaters to impatient children, our commitment to health and high quality also extends to our wine list, which is both organic and biodynamic. Unfiltered and with minimal intervention, we’ve ensured the wine you’re knocking back is chemical free and vegan friendly. Check out our wine list for more info, or order one of our tantalising woodfired pizzas today.