Pizza in Sydney - Our Quest to make the best at The Italian Bar Pizza
best pizza in sydney

Our quest to make the Best Pizza in Sydney

From our delectable, hearty toppings right down to our locally sourced dough, we’re on a mission to claim our title as the Best Pizza joint in Sydney, a claim which is all to often made by many. With so many different and delicious pizza parlours out there, the best pizza in Sydney is a common misconception, differing from one pizza lover to the next.



Pizza to suit your tastebuds and dietary needs


Whether your vegan, vegetarian, a self-confessed meat lover or a bit of everything, your love for pizza has ultimately been shaped by your pizza eating experiences. Whether it’s what the media has told us to believe, what we have learned or people and places we’ve associated with our pizza-eating experiences, they’ve all shaped our ‘best pizza’ preferences in one way or another. All of these factors combined contribute to our glorified love for that one, special pizza experience in what we now recognise as being our top pick of all pizza joints.


best pizza in sydney



Pizza epiphany


We’ve all had our favourite (and not so favourite) pizza experiences, with one unforgettable experience in particular relating back to owner Dan’s backpacking around Europe days, where he had his very first pizza enlightenment. Wondering around the streets of Naples with recommendations from chef friends in hand, Dan pursued a pizza endeavour he thought to be simplistic, finding himself exploring the land where pizza was born.


Dan’s first pizza stop was the oldest pizzeria in Naples, a pizzeria named Pizzeria Da Michele which resided deep within a backstreet. Packed full of hungry customers with a line that endured an hour long wait, Dan found himself ordering the only two pizza options on the menu (a Margherita and  Marinara) which to his luck, were an immediate palette-pleaser and passed with flying colours. Although these minimally topped pizzas (which didn’t actually contain any seafood) were extremely delicious, the experience was lacking and prompted what would be a further three days of pizza-eating endeavours for Dan.


From trying out four different pizzas a day and gaining a few extra kg’s, it wasn’t until Dan stumbled across a hole in the wall style pizzeria by accident with two Nonna’s running the show, effortlessly stretching, topping, and loading pizzas into a wood fired oven.


Ordering a Margherita, it’s needless to say that like the previous pizzeria’s, this one was extremely delicious. But what made the experience an unforgettable one was the exceptional hospitality, welcoming service and a cost less than ten euro which anyone would undoubtedly be satisfied with.



Experience as well as flavour


So, no. It’s not just the fluffy, stoneground dough, aromatic spices or unique combinations of toppings that form an amazing pizza. It’s also the experience, which The Italian Bar Pizza masters pretty damn well. If you don’t feel a sense of excitement when walking into a restaurant, who’s to say the menu won’t follow? It’s anything from the welcoming staff to the warm, friendly service at The Italian Bar Pizza that make you feel as if your in a home away from home, ready to indulge the senses in an authentic, Italian dish made with nothin’ but love.



Why we’ve got the best pizza in Sydney


Unlike the Italians, The Italian Bar Pizza breaks away form the traditional, Neapolitan style and embraces a thin to medium sized crust, which we’ve deemed to be a unique style all of our own. Our thin and crispy crust not only sculpts our signature style, but allows us to top our pizzas right to the edge. This means you’ll not only look forward to eating your crust, but you’ll be contemplating if it’s one of the best pizza’s you’ve ever experienced.





Organic and free from refinement


Using organic, locally sourced flour is a pretty big deal for us, using Australian flour milled on stone which is rich in fibre, nutrition and steers clear from being overly refined. Stoneground flour also adds a completely different texture to our pizzas, one that is unlike the traditional Italian pizza. It’s chewy, has a nutty flavour and it’s damn good for you.


While most pizzerias use conventional yeast and many import their flour from Italy, we’ve once again broken away form tradition and switched things up, raising our dough from ancient sourdough techniques. Using a ‘mother’ starter and allowing it to slowly ferment over three days, subtle, complex flavours are brought to the surface and a taste that resonates closely with sourdough bread is formed.


The fermentation process allows pre-digestion of gluten and starch, resulting in a lighter base thats easier to digest. But ensuring our flour and pizzas are the freshest of the fresh doesn’t just stop there. Unlike many pizzeria’s in Sydney, we cater for all your pizza needs, crafting gluten free pizza bases rich with vegan toppings.



best pizza in sydney



Try out biodynamic and organic wines


To compliment a nourishing pizza eating experience specifically catered to all your dietary needs, we’ve got an organic, biodynamic and low intervention wine list that embodies everything from sustainably made wines to full-tasting flavours. It’s chemical free, unfiltered and ensures your hangover will be a lot less painful whilst making sure your soaking up as much flavour as possible.


And if you’re not sold on that, our head pizza chef Ivano comes from near Naples, with 25 years of pizza making experience, having made literally millions of pizzas in his career. Of course, he’s had to break a way from tradition just a little, adopting our contemporary, nutrient-rich pizza craftsmanship which is why we believe we take the cake for having the best pizza in Sydney.