Sydney's most kid friendly restaurants? The Italian Bar Pizza in Willoughby
Best kid friendly restaurant Sydney

Why we’re one of the most kid friendly restaurants in Sydney

Remember the time before kids, when going for pizza meant relaxing over a slice whilst sipping on chianti and perhaps gazing into your lover’s eyes over romantic candle light? Now thanks to the joy of parenthood there are boxes that need ticking when heading out for a meal with family in tow. The most important consideration? How do you know if your intended restaurant is kid friendly?


And by ‘kid friendly’ we mean friendly toward adults who have kids. Family friendly. Understanding. Unflappable when your little Johnny smothers the high chair in ham and pineapple pizza.


With the utmost humility we consider ourselves one of the most kid friendly restaurants in Sydney-  possibly the world. It’s likely because we are Italians and no-one understands crazy messy noisy food loving families like an Italian because we are crazy messy noisy food lovers ourselves!


But more than that there so many ways we make our restaurant a comfortable and fun place for kids and families – we have decided to list a few of the best reasons that make us a great place for kids and a top choice for family friendly dining.


Kid friendly restaurants Sydney

10 reasons why we’re one of Sydney’s most kid friendly restaurants


Reason #10

We have high chairs – lots and lots of high chairs. The ones from Ikea because they’re super safe and also because the spaghetti bolognese slides right off them.


Reason #9

We have colouring in activities. Our coloured pencils and colouring in pictures will keep your kids entertained for four minutes- about how long it takes us to make a kids pizza!


Reason #8

We have kids pizza! And kids pasta, and yummy cheesy arancini rice balls that kids just love to much on, amongst other things. Not only do we have a kids menu but we know that as soon as you’re seated its time to take an order so we can get that food out so fast so those hungry little adorable monsters will give you a good fifteen minutes of bliss. We also have…


Reason #7

ICE CREAM. Italians call it gelato but lets not confuse things. It’s ice cream. In brown, white, or pink flavours. Even better if you kids are under twelve years old and you’re dining before 530pm we’ll treat them to a scoop on the house. It’s common knowledge there’s only one in life better than ice cream for a little person, and that’s a puppy. But you don’t want us giving your children puppies so consider this a win win situation.


child friendly restaurant Sydney1

Reason #6

We have patience. Loads of it. We understand little people can be exasperating, but we also kind of remember what little terrors we were to our parents and we turned out ok! Didn’t we?


Reason #5

Our kitchen is open at 5pm because 5pm really is the best time for young families to eat dinner. Then its home by 6, bath time at 630, bedtime at 7..


Reason #4

There’s a big fenced courtyard out the back. After the kiddies have eaten their gelato and the sugar rush kicks in they can all bail out to the courtyard and run around until their hearts content burning off all that sugary energy and possibly even tiring themselves out.


Reason #3

We can play host to Kids Pizza Parties. Yes, you can book a party on Saturday or Sunday between 230 and 5pm. Ivano our experienced Italian pizzaiolo (that’s Italian for pizza chef) will talk to your child and their mates about the history of pizza, how we make our dough, then each child will get a change to roll their own dough, top their own pizza and if they’re grown up enough even pop it in the oven and chop it up themselves! And of course they have the pleasure of enjoying their own creations. Our kids pizza parties are super popular and perfect for children from six to twelve years old.


Reason #2

Even if you don’t want to have a kids pizza party we are a great place to celebrate your child’s birthday because we love to make a fuss. We have balloons, we have sparklers we have candles and we love singing “Happy Birthday” even though we have terrible singing voices!

Even better, we have a shiny disco ball which we love to dance under whilst we sing. Hooray for Happy Italians!


The #1 Reason why we are Sydney’s Best Kid Friendly Restaurant?

We have icy cold Italian beer and Chianti and Pinot Grigio and Prosecco and Aperol Spritz.


Not to give to your children (although you’ve probably contemplated that) but for you adults to enjoy whilst your littlies decorate the high chairs. We know that happy kids make happy parents. We also know that vino makes happy parents! We want to see everyone in your family leave our restaurant with rosy cheeks and gelato moustaches!


best child friendly restaurant Sydney


So, next time you’re thinking about a great restaurant to take your whole family to, for a delicious slice of heaven and a relaxing easy experience, make sure you come to visit us at The Italian Bar Pizza.