The Italian Bar Pizza: Our quest to be the best birthday restaurant in Sydney
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3 reasons why The Italian is the best birthday restaurant in Sydney

They only come around once a year, but when they do, making a big fuss is generally the way Italians like to handle birthdays. And supporters eating as much as you can while spending as little as possible, it’s no different here at The Italian Bar Pizza.


Birthdays were created to be celebrated, remembered and enjoyed and we believe we do a damn good job of all of the above at our restaurant. We know how important your special day is, and if you’re local to Sydney, it’ll be our mission to make you feel as loved (and as embarrassed) as possible.


Best restaurants for birthdays



3 Reasons why we’re one of the best restaurants for birthdays



1. We’ll tie a balloon to your chair


A birthday wouldn’t be a proper celebration if everyone else didn’t know about it, so we’ve come up with the genius idea of tying a balloon to your chair to ensure you’ll stand out from the crowd of non-birthdayers.



2. We’ve got a shiny disco ball


Did someone say disco? Aside from our love of food, Italian culture and passion for providing exceptional and friendly service, we’re mad about disco. And to prove it, we’ve hung a disco ball from the ceiling that takes the spotlight (aside from you, of course) on your special day, as we dim the lights and let the beaming ball of glamour work its magic.



3. We’ll sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you in Italian..


It’s both mandatory and tradition to sing ‘Happy birthday’ to someone on the day that marks yet another of ageing, a practise normally performed around a candle lit cake in a room full of loved ones. And no, it’s not just to remind them that they are another year older, or that those frown lines are growing increasingly noticeable. It’s to put them through an brilliantly embarrassing 20 seconds of not knowing what to do and let their face turn a brighter shade of crimson.


At The Italian, we love rounding up our staff to sing ‘Happy birthday’ in Italian, encouraging your loved ones and other diners to get involved if they’re familiar with the words. And the best part? We’ve honoured true birthday tradition and added a little surprise, which we won’t reveal until the moment unfolds. Don’t worry, it’s embarrassment free and is bound to lift your spirits.


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Group dining packages for a big birthday bash


So if we haven’t sold you on coming to celebrate your special day with us, why not bring an unsuspecting loved one along on their special day to endure the birthday celebrations? Order from our regular menu or leave the decisions to us & order one of our three sharing feast menus  which are perfect for parties of 12 or more. Italian aperitif &  a selection of our best dishes at group friendly prices.


With our casual, family-friendly vibe and warm and friendly service, we’ll provide the perfect setting for any birthday celebration.