Introducing Sydney's Best Italian Restaurant | The Italian Bar Pizza

About Us

At The Italian Bar Pizza we do things a little differently compared to your average pizzeria….

We’re passionate about creating the best pizza, not just the best tasting but also the best for your health too.

What makes our pizza more delicious as well as easier on your digestion is how we raise our dough. It’s fermented for three days with a starter like sourdough called Criscito Madre. It has an enzymatic breakdown of gluten and starch, therefore resulting in a lighter, easy to digest pizza. You can feel after you eat one of our pizza, you dont get the heavy bloated feeling. Good flour and natural slow fermentation means your body doesn’t have to do so much of the hard work.

Of course our toppings are the finest quality. Mozzarella di Bufala from Vanella and La Stella Latticini, fresh produce ordered and prepped daily. We pass our tomatoes by hand using the “passatta” which means the seeds aren’t crushed and bitter, leaving our sauce naturally sweeter. And our gnocchi – well we are baking, peeling and hand rolling sixty kilos of gnocchi a week. It is, a labour of love.

We want everyone at our table to enjoy what we have to offer. We know it may not be traditional but we choose to offer gluten free pizza base and a good selection of offerings for vegan diners including notzarella cheese available for any pizza. We strive to be authentic but also must change with the times and evolve and ensure every one of our beautiful customer have the opportunity to enjoy the best pizza – with or without the topping from the animal.

We invite you to visit us and experience our warm hospitality one day very soon.