About Us

We do things a little differently compared to most Italian restaurants…

We’re passionate about serving wholesome pizza and therefore put alot of love, care and energy into making ours the most nutritious that it can be.

Alot of Italian restaurants use pizza flour imported from Italy. We did too when we opened in 2012 but recently swapped to locally produced organic flour. Why? It’s pretty simple. Flour is food and fresh food is always best.

The final and most important piece of the puzzle is how we raise our dough. It’s fermented for three days with a starter that we raise ourselves. It pre digests gluten and starch, consequently resulting in a lighter, easy to digest pizza.

Furthermore, our ethos also extends to our wine list which is mostly organic, biodynamic & low intervention. Because we feel better about drinking wine that is chemical free and hasn’t been filtered.

We want everyone at our table to enjoy what we have to offer. It’s why we’re one of a few Italian restaurants on the North Shore that offers gluten free pizza bases and vegan toppings.