We’re a local Italian gem on Sydney’s North Shore serving wood fired pizza and natural wines.

We believe that eating is one of life’s great pleasure and that every meal is an opportunity to nourish ourselves.

It’s for this reason that we make our pizza with stone ground, organic Australian flour. We ferment our dough for three days using a natural ‘mother’ starter, which pre digests gluten and starch. The end result? A great tasting pizza that is light, easier to digest and better for you.

Our ethos also extends to our wine list which is mostly organic, biodynamic & low intervention. Producers such as Moon Wines from Victoria and South Australia’s Unico Zello. Because we feel better about drinking wine that is chemical free and isn’t filtered.

When you walk through our doors expect to receive warm, lovable Italian service.

Buon Appetito.

Vegan pizza recipe – The Vegana

Ingredients ( yields four)   Pizza base 500 ml of filtered

Vegana pizza_credit_kai leishman

Kids Pizza Making Classes

Our pizza making parties are perfect for a fun and interactive littlies celebration.

Free gelato for kids

When legs are under the table before 5.30pm

Weeknight dinner deals

$10 Margherita pizza Mondays & $13 Ragu pata Tuesdays

Kids Pizza Menu

Happy little vegemites rejoice! Alongside kids pasta, mini pizzas are now on the menu